Behind The Scenes

I’ll Be Frank was shot over 3 days in October 2021 in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Extensive COVID protocols were in place to ensure cast and crew safety including daily testing, temperature checks and using masks when indoors. 

One of the biggest challenges producers Michael Costello and Rachel Coffey faced was sourcing over 100 background artists from multiple age ranges to take part in the final scenes at the talent show. This can be difficult in the best of times but during the pandemic it proved an uphill climb. 


Reaching out to schools, theatre groups and through the internet our background artists were sourced – some coming from as far as 100 miles away! 

A Unique Soundtrack

The I'll Be Frank soundtrack was recorded on September 21st 2021 at Start Together Studios in Belfast and featured the talents of 16 seasoned musicians from the Belfast Jazz Swing Orchestra. Despite many of the musician’s having individually recorded albums, this marks the first time the orchestra has been used in a film production. 

Led by orchestrator Victor Currie, songs from the Great American Songbook were recorded including It all Depends on You, Birth of The Blues, It Had to Be You and Someone to Watch Over Me

Designing Dannys Room

One big issue posed by the production was obtaining a vast number of Frank Sinatra related props. 


Our production designer Natasha Mudi began work in earnest in July of 2021. 


Exploring the world of Sinatra through forums and fan pages on the internet, Natasha was able to locate many collectors of Sinatra memorabilia who were more than happy to help

Records, books, CDs, DVDs, posters and newspaper articles dating as far back as the 1950’s were sourced from across the globe. Paying particular attention to color and the palette our DoP and director had agreed upon, Natasha then used these props to dress Danny’s bedroom and give it the look as it appears in the film. 

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