For teenager Danny, with regards to musical taste – he did it his way. He got a kick out of Sinatra not Sheeran. 

Regrets? Potential social isolation. But will his love for Ol’ Blue Eyes get under his skin – or be his salvation? 

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From The Director


I’ve had I’ll Be Frank sitting on the shelf since I was around 17 years old.


As we entered our first COVID lockdown and my grandmother turned 90, I felt it was time to return to the film.

The film is deeply personal and references many of the people and friends I grew up with. I’m also a self-confessed Sinatraphile and much of the film is inspired by my love of Sinatra's music.


What I wanted to say with the film was simply; be yourself. The world is full of interesting, exciting, diverse cultures and people and it’s those differences that make our planet such an interesting place to live - embrace them. I hope you enjoy the film.

- Carleton Rodgers, Director

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